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Building Character Through Competition


Travel teams targets the more serious player 10 through 19 year olds; those that are interested in a higher level of competition. We look to continue a player’s development by progressing foot skills; team building, technical and tactical understanding, cooperation, creativity, spatial awareness and spatial problem solving.

Please be aware Travel teams targets the more serious players; those that are interested in a higher level of competition and commitment.

New Haven Youth Soccer Club teams play a schedule of Fall and Spring seasons. Players are expected to make the commitment necessary to properly field teams. This commitment will require you to participate in 2 practice sessions per week, as well as your required participation in League and friendly games. 




                             U10  $200.00 (Practice on Fridays from 5:30-7pm at Foote School Lower Field)

                             U12  $350.00 (Practice for girls is on Mon & Wed for boys Tue & Thur. 5:30-7PM at Foote                                               School lower field)

                             U14  $350.00 (Practice for girls is Mon & Wed at 5:30-7PM at Foote School Lower Field: For boys                                   Tues. & Thurs. from 5:30-7Pm at the Boulevard Fields.

                             U19  $175.00 SPRING ONLY


Travel teams require a tryout or assessment session to best determine a players overall development level and team placement.  We believe in teaching children in a way that shows a natural progression as they explore and become more involved with soccer. Within the travel program our club will seek to reinforce its ‘Player Curriculum’ to instill technical skills, the value of sportsmanship, rules of the game, ball mastery, individual creativity, a positive team experience, importance or exercise and nutrition and technical and tactical soccer awareness.

Our travel player curriculum works to provide a clear and concise plan of player development with the goal being to effective use of our training time to build, innovate and create a sound player.

  • Technical: the skills and techniques required for soccer. Including use of both feet and mastering fundamentals.
  • Tactical: The decision making and problems solving aspects of soccer.
  • Physical: The endurance, agility, speed, coordination, power and balance needed for soccer.
  • Mental: The discipline, leadership, pride and trust essential for match conditions. Mental toughness.
  • Nutrition: The review of healthy lifestyle food choices that help build a healthy child

These also nurture a love for the game and build character. Our club cares about the development of all of our teams and our curriculum is specifically designed to develop our players to be good citizens and sound players! 


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